Under Video Game: Titanic-ish based WW1 Horror Game

Harland Duzen

Jan 14, 2017
Note: This might not count as a Titanic -related thread, but It seemed important to inform or mention of.

Recently I have noticed a playable demo has been released for a upcoming indie game called Under. The demo is set in 1917 on a ocean liner sinking in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and your character (a ex-WW1 Soilder suffering from Survivor's guilt and / or PTSD) has to escape the ship's flooding corridors while avoiding a ghostly figure following him.

While not literally set on the Titanic, It is definitely inspired by her and the game's interior design does bear a resemblance to Scotland Road or the 3rd Class dinning Saloon and cabins (also the demo's ending has a corridor resembling one on the Queen Mary).

It might be seen as copying Honor & Glory or being insensitive but might have to wait to be seen.

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