Underwater Titanic on Cameron's movie


I was looking around for some rare pictures on Cameron's 1997 Titanic and I found out 3 pictures that I thought were real. They are: the one with the doll face, the other one with the boot and the glasses and and the last one is some windows which I believe were the windows of some officers room. I've found out this pictures a lot of times on other sites but on the "true pictures of the wreck". Now, these ones I've just found are better quality so I'd like to ask if anyone knows if Cameron's used REAL images of the wreck for the movie or if he just went down there, got the idea and then it managed somehow to reproduced those images on shore...

Thanks everyone!
Kátia Lamy, Portugal
Hi Katia,

The answer to your question is James Cameron went down to the Titanic wreck site and filmed it for the movie. In fact, he made twelve dives to the wreck.

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Jason Tiller
Hi Jason!

Thanks a lot for your information!
I knew Cameron went down there for several times but I didn't know if the images on the movie where real or just fake!

Thanks a lot for your reply!
Kátia Lamy, Portugal
The one with the doll face in the movie is not real; the one that was found in 1986 had eyes and a fully painted face, but I can't say if it has ever been brought up by the salvagers. The one with glasses and the boot, and the one with the wrecked piano, are not real. But the close up of the fireplace in the cabin is real. What Cameron did was recreate some images for the movie.
Ok... now I got somewhat confused! Jason told me something and Kritina says something different!

But, Kritina, I tought it was like that since the most images of the Titanic wreck are always dark and not great and the ones on the movie are pretty clear but anyway, it was just a question, it doesn't matter if they're the real images or not, they're the recreation of what Cameron's saw down there!

Thanks a lot Jason and Kritina,
Kátia Lamy, Portugal
Katia, no need to be confused. Cameron used both recreations and real footage of the Titanic herself. It was sufficiently well done that unless one knew one from the other, one would be hard pressed to tell the difference.

michael H. Standart
Hi Katia!

Now that I think of it, Michael is correct on that Cameron used both recreations and real footage of the Titanic. It is hard to tell the difference.

I apologize I was mistaken!

Jason D. Tiller
Hello all,

Michael is right! most of the exterior shots and some interior ones were authentic Titanic pictures, shot on the bottom of the Atlantic by Cameron! One of the most interesting was the close up of the fire place with the white crab in the grate. I hear this was real and shot in the starboard 'millionaire's suit' of the Titanic.

Other shots, like the close up of the piano, doll's head, glasses, Cal's safe and room, were reconstructed shots. They did these by building a replica of the Titanic's innards in a water tank on dry land! This is explained by the official Titanic movie book, published by Boxtree, that came out at the same time as the film...

Also, the final scene where you swoop in low over the Titanic's bow and into the A deck promenade, before going into that pristine grand staircase, was done using a scale model and special effects. Sorry to dispel any illusions...
Hey everyone!!

Thanks a lot for all your replys! That's exactly what I thought but, like I don't know very much about Titanic I tought maybe someone would more or less wich ones are true and wich ones are fake.

Anyway, it wasn't illusions or anything like that, just curiosity!!

Once again, THANKS A LOT!

Kátia Lamy, Portugal