Unidentified Girl in Judith Geller Photo


Holly Peterson

I have a book by Judith Geller called Titanit: Women and Children First, which I am sure nearly everyone here has read or heard of. In the section about the Quick family, there is a photo taken at a pier which has a group of Titanic survivors. Identified from right to left are Jane Quick and her children, Leah and Frank Aks, and Meier Moor with his mother. Beside them are a woman and a little girl about 4-6 years old. Does anyone know who this girl is? I was thinking possibly Virginia Emanuel, Constance West, or Nina Harper? Help would really be appreciated!


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Ben Lemmon

Katelyn Volle. That's who it is.

No, I'm kidding. That's a friend of mine. However, one person on that picture looks quite a bit like her. It's kind of creepy. In the words of Katie, "no wonder I've been having those creepy dreams about icebergs."

I really don't have any advice, other than searching in their biographies, if you haven't already. Also, you could look in Titanic Voices, seeing if they have any more information on the subject. If you don't already own it, it is available at many public libraries.