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Michael Re Grey

You know with all the New Zealanders and the ?Australians on here I would think that someone would of mentioned the Great ships of the Union Steamship co. Like the Rotomahana the first ship built out of Mild steel and the First with a double bottom. Then there's the Loongana the first sea going ship powered by Turbines. Other ones like the Aorangi and the Niagara and of corse the Wahine. This line truly had some of the finest ships in the south Pacific and also countlass shipping disasters. I guess the purpose of this thread is to get people interested in ships down here so lets start talking!
Oops how could i forget the Awatea- the fasted tran Tasman liner of the Thirties.

May 3, 2002
Wellington, New Zealand
Have a good look around as there are some of us who periodically raise the U.S.S.Co flag here. I am based in Wellington and was a youngster in the latter 60's and early 70's. Names like Maori, Wahine and Rangatira are apart of my personal past. I travelled on two of them and regretted missing the other.

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Geoff Boon

Could anyone help?

I am trying to find the passenger and crew list of the 'Rotomahana'. The ship left England on November 17th 1893. I am interested in the name of the chief steward on that voyage.

Geoff Boon (Yorkshire, England)

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