Unknown first class cabins

Dallas liter

Dec 2, 2014
Hello everyone
I was just wondering if anybody knows the cabins of these passengers

John and Madeleine Astor

Helen candee

Howard case

Alexander and mary holverson

George rosenshine and maybelle Thorne

Sigrid lindstrom

Constance Willard

Edgar and Leila Meyer

Thank you


Nov 21, 2014
Edinboro, Pennsylvania US
Madeline Astor was in C17 and John Jacob Astor was in C21. This would have been on the forward part of C deck adjacent to the Fortune party cabins. Contrary to popular belief they were not booked in the last remaining deluxe suite.

I don't have any information regarding the others but seeing the high ticket prices that both the Meyer and Rosenshine duos purchased it is likely they were booked in one of the suites located amidships on both B and C decks. I likely think C deck for both.

ETA: I also believe I read somewhere that it's likely Candee had a cabin on D deck.


Clear Thought Historian - Titanic Answer Man
Jul 10, 2020
This is interesting....

Helen Bishop said, "John Jacob Astor was standing at the foot of the stairway as I started on deck for the second time. He told us to put on our life belts and we did so. Before our boat was lowered into the water, Mr. and Mrs. Astor were on the deck. She didn’t want to go, saying she thought we were all silly, that the Titanic couldn’t sink. Because the Astor’s stateroom was close to ours, we had considerable to do with them on the voyage and I disliked to leave them on deck. "

The Bishop party was placed in B-49, forward of the B-deck gangway entrance bulkhead. This cabin was accessed by a corridor off the main lobby of the 1st class entrance. This would seem to imply the Astors stayed in a cabin in the similar area. Which one was unoccupied? My senses lead me to believe they'd be placed in B-43, given it's comfortable size and wardrobe space.