Unknown Ships Staircase?!!


Stuart Lythgoe

During a research trip to Sheffield recently, I made a trip to the Albion Works, the site of Wards old Head Office where a vast quantity of old ships fittings, also consisting of a number from the Olympicused to be situated. During the takeover by Rio Tinto, as most historians who have studied this subject know, all the fittings where removed from the Albion Works and either donated or sold off individually or with various arms of the old Wards empire. While there, I noticed some panelling in a staircase of the old Ketton Portland Cement building off to the left, which at one time was a part of the Albion Works complex, and decided to go and have a look. They kindly allowed me in and showed me this old staircase, which from interviews with different people from the 1940's is apparently the old Caretakers Staircase. The interesting thing is that it appears to have been adapted from a previous setting to fit into it's current home. From discussing this with the Caretakers daughter who lived in the Albion Works from just before the Sheffield blitz in 1940 to the mid fifties, this staircase was in situe then, but she is unaware of which vessel it might have come from. It must be from a vessel broken up by Wards between the early 1920's and 1940 (as the Ketton Portland building was altered from a single story building to a multiple story building during that time frame).

My question really is if anyone recognises the wrought iron work from this staircase as having been from any ship that anyone knows about. My expertise and area of research is the RMS Olympic and her scrapping and the current whereabouts of fittings, as well as the stories as to how they ended up where they are. If anyone has any ideas, if they could please let me know I would appreciate it, as I would like to let the current tenents know the providence of their current staircase.

I am currently on the trail of the 21 light Candelabra from D Deck, the hugh wall clock from the First Class Lounge and the mahogany frame of the painting 'Approach to the New World'. I have located a person who was responsible for valuing them in 1984 and may know of their whereabouts. If you would like to assist me with my research then please view an E-Bay item I have copies for sale of. Money from the sale of this item will be used to further my research into lost fittings from the RMS Olympic and will hopefully enable me to rediscover items deemed lost since the scrapping of the vessel.

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