URGENT original authentic titanic items artefacts


Klemen Michael Podlipnik WIndsor


I was hoping for your help. I am starting to collect everything original from the Titanic (itemsfrom the ship, items from passengers, photos, films, videos...).
I am hoping if someone can tell me where or from who I can buy such items. Maybe if you have any items...
I am starting to collect items, because one of my relatives was on the ship, and he died on the ship. Also a lot of pocket watches went with him. I sense the need I have to start collecting these items.

Thank you for all the help.

Your post is labeled, "Urgent." Best to calm down and do your research first. Many of the Titanic's original objects offered for sale are fake, anyway.

Sory that I wrote URGENT in the title. I am just hoping that someone can sell any items related to the Titanic and of the passengers and crew.
I am a student and just started collecting items, also in the memory of my relative who died on the ship (with him went a lot of pocket watches).
I will post my email address if anyone wishes to contact me privately.

Thank you

Klemen Michael Podlipnik Windsor
I'll sell you my entire collection of hundreds of items for $25,000. You'll have to pick them up and pack them, though. I'll consider a trade for a nice Class C Motor home.