US flagged cruise trade new NCLAmerica ship

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rob scott

May 4, 2004
Pride of Hawaii dedicated in L.A., biggest U.S. flagged cruise ship ever, helps restore Hawaii trades, jobs to U.S. mariners and steward teams. - these two don't have pics but I'll look for a pic elsewhere ; 2400 + passengers ; ;
the Caribe's not the Only way to fly anymore ;) (I wanna go) - and I like the fact that besides crews from third world we can see a mix, some U.S. crew too, bodes well for an eclectic mix of service in cruising, plus it's nice to see increased investments in cruise building.
The only downside I see is, not with this line but in general, is the noro-virus thing or whatever that is, stomach flu type virus that races rampant thru ship and hundreds of pssgrs, is this an increased trend or just increased press reporting? (but there's a risk with anything including cruising)
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