US Immigration records on JBI


Mark Baber

Staff member
1. In looking for someone else, I came across "Jos'h Bruce Isway" in the Ellis Island record of the maiden NY arrival of Adriatic II in 1907, and "J. Brice Isway" as a passenger on Carpathia in 1912.

Just goes to show that, no matter how good those records are, odd misspellings abound.

2. The records of Castle Garden, the Ellis Island predecessor, are now appearing online at Ismay appears in those records several times as well. Not sure yet about Isway.

I've had a similar experience, Mark. While looking for Arthur Peuchen in the Ellis Island records, I only found a few entries. But when I misspelled his name by typing in 'Penchen', I came up with a lot more.

It often happens that errors just find their way in, so sometimes it's good to try a few variations.
The thing that amuses me is the way the height of the people varies from visit to visit.

"J. Brice Isway"
Since reading this, I've been hearing Frank Sinatra singing "He did it....'Isssway!" in my head.

Perhaps with a slight cockney accent.​