USS Intrepid

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It worked but I don't know for how long. Newspaper links tend to self destruct so get to it while it's hot.

I hope they manage to overcome the problems. Happening as it did in front of a crowd of dignitaries, including Senator Clinton, some faces have to be pretty red beneath the mud they have to wipe off. Sooner or later, they'll have to get the ship into drydock to do some of the needed hull work.
Looks like the Navy is going to step in and try to help out with this. From

NEW YORK (AP) -- The Navy is coming to the rescue of one of its mightiest veterans, joining the operation to free the World War II aircraft carrier USS Intrepid from deep Hudson River mud that has blocked efforts to move the ship to a dry dock for renovation, officials announced Saturday.

A fleet of civilian tug boats tried Monday to pull the 27,000-ton ship out of the berth where it has been serving as the popular Intrepid Sea Air & Space Museum, but the carrier moved only a few feet before its 16-foot propellers snagged in the 24-year accumulation of sediment.

Under a new plan of attack, the Navy will provide salvage support at a cost of about $3 million. That includes dredging mud from underneath the ship's stern to free the propellers. The Army Corps of Engineers also will be involved.
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Unbelievable is the only response I can put to this debarcle - who was the project manager for this "little" exercise, he would be lucky to get a job scrubbing the decks after the embarassment this has caused...Were divers not sent down to check conditions, clearance levels analysed, core samples done on the surrounding build up of sediment - or did they just think they could drag it through the mud to deeper water. Hopefully now some real thought will be put into this exercise and the ship given the respect it deserves...Sorry to sound as if I am jumping on this attempt but it was obviously very amateurish..

Unfortunately, we're not in a position to know all of the facts, Trevor. However, at first blush, I tend to concur with what you said. I guess it never occured to anyone that one day the Interpid would have to be moved for some needed drydocking and hull work. I hope when the dust settles, the lessons are properly learned.
Wow this is getting ridiculous. $3,000,000 to unwedge it, eh? One penny from everyone in America because of a weak link in a chain,'s times like this I'm almost tempted to laugh at these sorts of logistical trainwrecks.
>>it's times like this I'm almost tempted to laugh at these sorts of logistical trainwrecks.<<

Almost says it all. The Intrepid is one of the better run and most successful museum efforts. While I doubt this fiasco will break the bank, even with the support the foundation has, I've no doubt it's going to hurt. Anyway you slice it, somebody royally screwed the pooch on this one. Look for a few things to be deferred until they can raise the extra funding to make things happen.
Entirely different pier, but I've often wondered if small bits of the "Normandie" remain in the mud at the bottom of her pier. If there are, they are no doubt deep in the muck.
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