USS Intrepid

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>>Entirely different pier, but I've often wondered if small bits of the "Normandie" remain in the mud at the bottom of her pier. <<

It doesn't strike me as all that likely. The hulk was raised after having a nice sized chunk of the superstructure cut off but the hull itself was intact. There might be something there for all I know but not in any signifigent quantities.
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New York – The Navy may be ready to move USS Intrepid from its muddy misery early next month, as it enters the final stages of a dredging operation to free the historic aircraft carrier, officials said Tuesday.
Intrepid Foundation officials obtained a monthlong extension on its federal dredging permit Tuesday from the New York State Department of Conservation and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, enabling the Navy's dredging work to continue uninterrupted in the Hudson River, according to Bill White, president of Intrepid Museum Foundation.

He said the Navy hoped to finish the task and get Intrepid under way by early December. Crews were working around the clock, he said.
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Comment: It's not just the ship that needs work, but the pier as well. The problem is that until the ship can be moved, there's not a lot that can be done about it.
Sixty million is a drop in the bucket for most refits, but that assumes that you're dealing with an active vessel supported by a decent cash flow. For some museums, this is a nearly insurmountable problem. They frequently have to solicit donations over and above what they take in by way of admission fees and sales in the gift shop which often barely pay for day to day operating and maintenance costs. The USS North Carolina battleship museum has been saving up for years to drydock the vessel for some much needed hull work. Smart money is that some of the funds will be used to make some needed repairs to the real estate where the ship is moored. When my mum and I visited the ship last year, we could see some spots where water was coming in at high tide and covering up portions of the parking lot. Good old subsidence was doing it's thing.

Interpid's good fortune is to be displayed in a city heavy with tourists and where the income is somewhat closer to something that a reasonable person might mistake for a sure thing. Some haven't been as lucky and failures are not unknown.
Thanks for that MAB. I just checked that webcam which Denise posted and the ship is now in the drydock. From the low level of the water I can see as I post this, the ship is clearly resting on the blocks.
From The Navy Times:

Intrepid could be a post-attack command center

NEW YORK– The aircraft carrier Intrepid – in the midst of an 18-month makeover – will return to Manhattan next fall prepared for double duty: its renewed status as a floating military museum, and a future as a potential command post in the event of another terrorist attack.

“Upon its return, it will stand at the ready should we need her,” said Mark Mershon, head of the FBI’s New York office. The legendary World War II ship was retrofitted with an onboard facility that could double as an emergency operations center if needed, he said Thursday.

The Intrepid is considered ideal for law enforcement because it could be immediately and easily converted into a full-fledged, secure auxiliary emergency operations post with air, sea and land capability, said Bill White, president of the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum.
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Comment: The article notes that the Intrepid was used in this role during the 9-11 outrage. Definately worth a read and it shows that even after 60 years, this ship can still offer important service!
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