USS Panay & USS Jacob Jones

Sep 22, 2003
Coatesville, PA
USS Panay Attacked 1938. where can i find info on this attack and ship? i have found the following books useful already:

Inside Asia, John Gunther
Closing the Open Door, James H. Herzog
Naval History of WW2 Vol 1 & 15, Samuel Morison

Also where can info be found on Jacob Jones, also Known as the Jakie. found info already in:

Torpedo Junction, Homer H. Hickam
Shipwrecks and Legends Round Cape May, Siebold and Adams
Naval History WW2 Vol 1 and 15, Morison

Jim Hathaway

Dec 18, 2004
Probably the finest book on the Yangtze Patrol from beginning to end is Yangtze Patrol, by Kemp Tolley.
Tolley was an officer aboard USS Mindanao, and was there when Panay was attacked.
I have a small collection of naval ship covers,
I have attached one from USS Monocacy mailed from Hankow, China in 1938.
It contains a memoriam for USS Panay-
Sorry for the poor quality-

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