USS Wahoo Found

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Cory Phoenix

Dec 10, 2006
Just saw in my cities newspaper, the main headline was that the wreckage of the USS Wahoo was found, apparently she was sunk in 1943. The reason for the headline is that the captain was an Owensboro, KY native.

The sub was found in the La Perouse Straight between Russia and Japan.
Jul 9, 2000
Easley South Carolina
From Maritime Today:

Wreath Laying Ceremony in Honor of USS Wahoo

Sailors aboard the submarine tender USS Frank Cable (AS 40) held a wreath laying ceremony July 9 to honor the sailors of USS Wahoo (SS 238).
Nearly 64 years after they were lost in the La Perouse Strait, north of Hokkaido, Japan, the crew of Wahoo received their final farewell.

“It was an extreme honor and privilege to preside over this solemn and long-awaited ceremony,” said Rear Adm. Douglas J. McAneny, the commander of Submarine Group 7 based in Yokosuka, Japan. “The accomplishment of U.S. Navy submarines during World War II underscores the relevance and importance of submarines in today’s world. This ceremony brings closure to the families of the men of Wahoo; one of the greatest fighting submarines in the history of the U.S. Navy.”
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