Utah Titanic Enthusiast


Apr 11, 2012
Greetings all!

I have used these boards as a resource for over 10 years but haven't become active in the forums. I decided I might as well dive in to posting so I can become more familiar and comfortable with the process, and all of you, so that I can better utilize the network of Titanic enthusiasts brought together on this website.\

I am in Utah, and would love to know if any other board members live here. I would love to get together for Titanic discussions and dinner every few months.

As for me, I am 31 and a father of 3 boys and have been married for 9 years. My oldest is named Thomas, and yes, that is after Thomas Andrews (and William Thomas Stead). I have been studying the Titanic since I was 9, and have been giving presentations at schools and other events since just about the same time. I have a unique model which, frankly, generates most of my publicity in garnering presentation invitations. My published articles have focused on William Stead's defense of the Mormons in Great Britian as well as the Latter-day Saint response to the tragedy, both in America and Britain.

Lastly, you can visit my website, Living Titanic - Home, for more information about my experiences with the Titanic and to see photos of my model and other memorabilia. I can't wait to associate with others as obsessed...er, "dedicated",....as I am!

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