Value of Titanic books

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Paul Killingsworth

Does anyone know of a place to find the value of Titanic books? Specifically:

1. The Titanic Disaster by Howard M. Chapin, Providence 1913. It has an
owners name plate that says Charles Value Chapin. One website said that only 20 were printed. Excellent condition.
2. Titanic by Filson Young. It has a pasted in newspaper article concerning the death of
Charles Lightoller. Excellent condition.
3. Collier's Magazine- The National Weekly (May 4, 1912). On the cover it has a picture of
one of the lifeboats about to be rescued. It contains an article by Helen Churchill Candee
as well as rescue photos. Very good to excellent condition.
4. The Unsinkable Mrs. Brown by Caroline Bancroft (1956). It is signed by the author. It also
has an owners label that says Edwin C. Johnson, Governor of Colorado. Excellent condition.
5. The Titanic, the Psychic and the Sea by Rustie Brown (1981). It is signed by the author. It
also has a tipped in plate signed by Edwina Trautt MacKenzie. Excellent condition.
I also have the Gracie and Beesley books as well as many others.

Any information you could provide would be greatly appreciated!

You have some excellent items there, and I, for one, wouldn't mind buying the first two off of you if they are for sale.
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Have you tried offering them for sale on eBay? If you are just looking for an appraisal, try looking them up on the abeBook website.

Some may have a value greater than the book itself, though. For example, I have Caroline Bancroft's small Molly Brown book, but it is not signed by her. It does have the gold sticker that says 'Edwin C. Johnson Governor of Colorado', so maybe that's not unusual.

Maybe our resident Titanic book expert, Michael "TheManInBlack" Tennaro would be able to help you in that regard.
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