Velin Ohman and Mara Osman


Andrew Maheux

Does anybody know more about these two women. For some reason I have always been interested in them.


Andrew Maheux
Hi Andrew,
Velin Ohman changed her name to "Vivian" and lived out her life in Chicago, dying in 1966. She married Henry Forsander (she identified him as an uncle on Carpathia but apparently was traveling to Illinois to marry him). She had one daughter, Elsie, who is still living (unless she just recently died).

Marja Osman married in Croatia and had three sons prior to coming to the United States. She later divorced her husband and she remarried a doctor after she came to the USA. Two of her sons settled in the United States and the other stayed in Croatia. One of the sons was a drifter and didn't keep up with the rest of the family and eventually was found dead in a hotel room. The other son married and had a family--one of his children still survives and there are a host of great-grandchildren. One great granddaughter that I've been in touch with has the family Bible which yielded a great deal of good family information. More will be forthcoming on her at a later date. Photos show her to have been a quite plump woman with a pleasant look about her.

Thank you Phill, Its always nice to learn something new about the survivors.

Andrew Maheux