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Hi Dave
At the MTR site, they are selling a Boris Karloff movie titled, " The Vestris ". Could it be Karloff made a movie on the disaster?

Interesting about this. What is the date of the movie? Didn't the Vestris sink in the 20s? The only other Vestris correlation I can think of is a rather scandalous early 19th century dancer named Madame Vestris.

Ahoy Randy!
The Vestris " a change from the conventional " sank in November of 1928. At first when I saw it, I assumed it was about Madame Vestris, but it said " The Vestris " so it gives me hope. Not really sure about the date of the movie. The Music Television Radio site was vague. But there two other Karlof movies on the vied they were selling ( hocking ). The story of the Vestris is a great one. Frank Braynard has possesion of pictures of scenes on the boat deck as the ship sinks!!!!!
Mike & Randy, I've seen Frank Braynard's photographs - they are truly amazing, not so much from a photographic point of view but that anyone could stop to take pictures whilst the ship was sinking under your feet! I bet he made a nice profit from the newspapers!
Mike - I think I mentioned that I have an original of the report into the sinking published in the UK by HMSO - seems to have been complete confusion on board.

Pat Cook

Hey Mike,

You got me curious and I ran a search to see what I could turn up. Not much more than you, I'm afraid.

Apparently, 'The Vestris' was an early made-for-tv segment (1958) with Karloff in a minor role (as a ghost, no less, according to one source). This was one installment in a anthology series called 'The Veil'- it was along the lines of 'Twilight Zone'. Another zource said it was part of 'The Telephone Hour'.

Anyway, the only thing I could find in regards to the actual storyline stated it was 'a sea-going tale'.

Hope this is of some help.

Best regards,
Thanks very much Captain Cook!
The description of it being a sea going tale pretty much confirms it.
Now to hope that Santa leaves it under the tree instead of having to pay for it!
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