Victim #185 - W. Doughty?


Matteo Eyre

Is it possible that body 185 was Mr W Doughty, he was 2nd Class Steward ( Saloon Steward ) number 20 as was body 185, he was aged 22, body 185 was estimated to be aged 25 so not far off, 185 was wearing a Steward's coat, Doughty was a Steward, if it isn't him then i think the green football jersey could be a clue so if anyone knows which football teams may have had a green jersey back then then it would be helpful
Cheers Guys
Matteo :)

Bob Godfrey

Senan Molony applied his theory (see our earlier conversation today) to this one and came up with John Charman. He was from Horsham in Sussex. Horsham Town FC played a special game to raise money for the Relief Fund, so there's a suitably sporty research project for you, Matteo. What colours did they play in?