Victim #237 - Frederick Humby?

Ryan Burns

Sep 23, 2016
237 Male - Estimated age, 20.
Height, 5 ft. 11 in. Weight, 145lbs.
Hair, sandy; clean shaven.
Marks, shoulders very square.
Buried at Fairview Cemetery, Halifax, N. S.
Wore dark gray suit; letters "F. H." on shirt.
Effects included open face nickel watch and silver chain with match box attached; turquoise-shell tobacco pouch; two little pictures -- one of town hall, Portsmouth, and one of Portsmouth coat of arms.
Frederick Humby was a 17 year old 2nd Class Plate Steward. The only other young "F.H." that died was Frederick Hopkins, who was 15 at the time.

The reason I think this body might be Humby is that, according to his bio, his brother Frank appears on the 1911 census at the Royal Naval Barracks and Officers' Quarters on Edinburgh Road, Portsmouth.

Frederick Humby : Titanic Victim | Mr Frederick Humby

Andrew Williams

Frederick Humby was born in Southampton. His family are registered on the Relief Fund and a substantial number of entries are found in the Minute Books under the wing of the Southampton branch of the Titanic Relief Fund. One point I want to make clear, and that turns on the father Frederick senior. He actually died out in the United States, where his daughter took up residence.

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