Victim of Titanic Disaster, Believed Lost, May Be Alive

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Montreal Que.—AP—A Montreal family was stirred Wednesday by the prospect that Lorraine Allison long believed to have been drowned in the Titanic disaster of 1912 still is alive and living in Berkley Mich. as Mrs. Lawrence Kramer. The family is that of Mrs. G. B. Allison sisterinlaw of Hudson J. Allison Montreal financier who was drowned with his wife when the Titanic went down 28 years ago. Also presumed to have been lost was Lorraine the Allis... Milwaukee Journal Wed, 04 Sep 1940

>>What has happened with any DNA testing and what is the update from last year? <<

Don't hold your breath. The person who is advancing this claim was explicitly challenged on exactly this point. She has not responded to the challenge.
That would be quite a twist if it was true. Stories like this come up every now and then though, not just in relation to the Titanic disaster either.

>>What has happened with any DNA testing and what is the update from last year? <<

Don't hold your breath. The person who is advancing this claim was explicitly challenged on exactly this point. She has not responded to the challenge.

True. She has yet to tell us the results of the DNA tests.
Actually, there was no DNA testing involved, as this news story dates back to 1940. Don Lynch tells the story of this woman in "Titanic: An Illustrated History" (pg. 214) and indicates that she was a hoaxster who made these claims over a ten year period until 1951, causing the Allison family much confusion and distress with her story, after which the family never heard from her again.
In Responce - An UPDATE:

To All...
Please refer to The Last Titanic Mystery - Home for as much current information, prior to publication, as possible.

NOTE to date:
* I have completed EXTENSIVE and quite costly DNA Testing
* Next month a team of museum and historical professionals are coming to OFFICALLY REVIEW all compiled documentation and then make a public determination and announcement which we have every expectation WILL BE IN SUPPORT!
* I will be completing the Novel/Screenplay this summer to be followed by the HISTORICAL tome of my/the actual journey of discovery in all the principles actual voices, from the extensive here-to-fore publicly unavailable documentation we have uncovered.
* I have the COMPLETE SUPPORT of some Principle Allison and Daniel's (Bess Allison family) descendants who have also provided game changing and VERY COMPELLING documentation in support of this story.
* We are reviewing many feature film/television/documentary production offers already.

All I have ever asked is for patience, that I be allowed to get it all RIGHT once and for all...
Popular or not, the TRUTH will be told in is entirety finally, after 101 years soon.
Sincere regards to ALL who have maintained an honest interest in my grandmothers tragic story and withheld judgements, until ALL the facts can be presented once we publish.
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Helen Kramer claimed to be a survivor of the Titantic crash. She said that she was Lorraine Allison, who was two at the time of the crash.

Kramer came forward years after the crash to claim that she was Lorraine, and to try to be accepted into the Allison family, which is wealthy.

That claim has been sustained by Kramer’s own descendants following her death, reported the Daily Telegraph.

The campaign has turned bitter over the years, and includes restraining orders, accusations of harassment, and other actions.

But the Lorraine Allison Identification Project, established by a group of Titanic enthusiasts (known as Titanicologists), arranged for DNA from both the descendants of Kramer and the Allison family.

The DNA tests found that there was no genetic link.

The decades-long claim by the Kramer family is now being described as a hoax.

Lorraine was traveling with her parents Hudson and Bess, and her seven month old brother Trevor. All were thought to have perished in the crash.

Kramer’s claim included selling posters, mugs, and mats highlighting her argument that she belonged to the Allison family.

If it would have been established, she would have been eligible to inherit some of the family’s wealth.

David Allison, grandson of Hudson’s brother Percy Allison, told the Telegraph that though the Allisons never accepted the claim, it caused them stress. “

“It forced my ancestors to relive painful memories described to me as immeasurable sorrow and unending grief,” he said.

“I would like to thank Deanne Jennings and Sally Kirkelie for offering their DNA to stop this harassment. This was a courageous, selfless act, and I will remain forever indebted for their act of kindness.”

Tracy Oost, a forensic scientist at Laurentian University in Canada and a Titanic researcher, spearheaded the identification project. “It is good to have a resolution here, but we mustn’t forget that this is all about one of the more tragic of tales to come from the Titanic,” Oost said. “The only mystery that remains now is who was Helen Kramer.”