ruth tarrant

Oct 4, 2007
The more i study the list of those poor people who never made it and the way first second and third passengers bodies where treated i find it very sad.Did class really matter after all the third class never suffered any less than the first.Lets hope things have changed.May they ALL rest in peace.

Matthew Farr

Apr 14, 2010
Lansing, Michigan, United States
Am I reading this correctly. Are you saying that the third class did not suffer more than the first class? Did you see the disparity in the number people lost and saved in each class as you were doing your research? Did you notice that entire families in third class were lost in the disaster. Of the 94 children in third class (15 or younger) only 31 survived. Compare that to the 1 first class child (2 year old Helen Allison). If you look ant the numbers 75% of third class passengers died and 38% of first class passengers died. The third class most definitely suffered more than the first class.
Dec 2, 2000
Easley South Carolina
>>Did class really matter...<<

Perhaps not, but the legal issues attending to probate did matter. With the wealthy, the disposition of the estate could be quite a problem if there was no body to point to as evidence of the fact that a person had died. That was why the effort was made to bring them to the shore if it was possible to do so.

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