Victor Peñasco y Castellana


Hi. I'm a new member on Encyclopedia Titanica. I'm from Madrid (Spain) and would like to collaborate on this forum. When I was looking the biography about Victor Peñasco on this site, I thought this information was incomplete. There aren't a photo of Victor Peñasco, and there aren't photo of Maria Josefa, his woman. Victor Peñasco was a first class passenger. Ocupattion: Gentleman, and he was the grandson of Jose Canalejas, President of Spain in 1912, who was murdered on that year. Victor left his lifeboat to a woman. Maria Josefa was comforted by Countess of Rothes.
This is some information about this incredible story. I'm a fan of Titanic, and my favourite passenger is Benjamin Guggenheim.. If you want more information I will give you sources (from Spanish newspapers).
Greetings from Spain. I would be happy to give you more information about the Spanish passengers.


Víctor Peñasco and Maria Josefa Perez:



I had seen there are not pictures about The Peñasco couple.
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I'm surprised Encyclopedia Titanica would not have the photos of this elegant couple. These pictures have been available for a long time.

You might be interested in this story from my Titanic blog because of the connection to Spain:

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