Victor Peñasco y Castellana

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Víctor Peñasco y Castellana belonged to one of the richest families in Madrid, grandson of José Canalejas, Prime Minister of the Spanish Government with king Alfonso XIII. He married María Josefa, a heiress as well, and they were on their honeymoon. They were a good looking couple and they're pictures of them on Spanish Internet pages.

Sergio Martínez Cotos-Alvarín

He was not the grandson of Canalejas. His mother was the wife of the Canaleja's brother-in-law.   PM José Canalejas has a sister, Amparo Canalejas, who was married with Colonel Julián Suárez Inclán. Amparo died in 1897, and then, Julián married with Purificación Castellana, who was married before with Hilario Peñasco, died in 1891. Purificación and Hilario had Victor Peñasco y Castellana.   So, Victor is the stepson of Canaleja's brother-in-law. In Spain, we have two surnames, and the two are the first surname of our two grandfathers. For that reason, Victor would have the surnames Peñasco y Canalejas or Canalejas y Castellana, but he haven't.

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