Victory at Sea television series

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Apr 27, 2005
I purchased the three DVD set of the old U.S. television series, "Victory at Sea", in the Walmart bargain bin for $5. I remember seeing it as a child and being entranced by the music as well as the battle scenes. As a man, sixty years after the war, I have had my eyes opened by some of the footage. "VS" was produced in black and white. The narration is strictly 1950's newsreel, with a great deal of "over the top" patriotism and rhetoric. Most scenes are made up of USN film or captured Japanese and German archived film. These latter two are truly fantastic to view. The last disk featured the Kamikaze attacks at Okinawa and some interesting footage of Japanese sunken wrecks in Tokyo Bay, as US, British, and other Allied ships come in. Also on the last disk is some footage of well known liners in battle grey, returning soldiers and sailors to both coasts of the USA. I spotted "QM", "QE", "America", and several others. The "George Washington " and "Ile de France" may have been in there. If you can obtain this set and overlook the extremely patriotic dialog of post-war America, I would urge you to do so. It opens our eyes to what truly great men did to keep the world out of the hands of Fascists; men who were our fathers and grandfathers.

Timothy Trower

I remember watching this series on Saturday afternoon television as a kid during the early '70s. It made a huge impact on me then, and I'll have to find the series and watch them again -- like you, watching for the Liners.

Linda Sherlock

I watched the series from my father's knee when I was a small girl, already sharing his fascination with all things maritime. A gunner on convoy duty in WW2 he felt this series was the one that showed HIS war.

I bought the series on video for him when Dad was in his 70s and he cried, he was so pleased to have it. We watched it together again. I am intending to convert my videos to DVD soon. . .well any excuse to watch it all over again
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