Vintage Press Dateline 1912

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Aug 29, 2000
I was rummaging around an antiquarian bookstore today in New Bedford Massachusetts, and came upon a box of 1911-1916 Youth Companions- a large-sized weekly news magazine popular in New England. After 30 minutes patient digging I found some great articles on Lusitania, Titanic and other relevant topics. Paid 10 dollars per copy- not too bad. Some of the news magazines were prepasted and run a week early so the Titanic news did not actually start appearing until the April 22nd issue. The April 29th issue told of a White Star Line crew mutiny on April 24th aboard OLYMPIC when firemen and stokers, refused to cross until the lifeboats were adequate. The OLYMPIC had to anchor off The Isle of Man, the article says, and lower her boats, and test her equipment to their satisfaction- still 53 of the 300 men were charged with mutiny! I had never heard this story before.
Oct 13, 2000
I just took a very quick look but they do appear to be scans of original 1912 newspapers.

all the best, Michael (TheManInBlack) T

Dave Gittins

Mar 16, 2000
Shelley, the mutiny tale is fairly well known. It's covered quite well in Dave Bryceson's collection called The Titanic Disaster.

In brief, the dispute began as an argument about the safety of the boats, especially the Berthon folding boats. It then developed into a dispute over the employment of unskilled scab labour to replace protesters.

The 53 men were convicted without penalty. The court thought their conduct was influenced by the Titanic disaster and that it was not typical of the men.

By the way, it was the Isle of Wight. The Isle of Man is a fair way from Southampton.
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