Vintage Titanic Collectibles

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Thought it might be fun to explore what is out there in this catagory. I don't mean new stuff which was designed for the exhibit giftshops, but relatively old stuff from the 40's-70's. Of course this could evolve into a bigger thread. I have a couple of gameboard games, IDEAL made The Sinking of the Titanic in the late 50's. It has a liner sinking the wrong end with red-tipped grey funnels and lifeboats in the foreground on the boxtop. Back in the 80's of course the Raise the Titanic game came out with that funny gold pop-up-on-a spring ship. Probably one of the most tasteless things I have is the Titanic Soap on a rope-guaranteed to sink written on the box( no, I did not buy it myself- it was a gift). Also got a belt-buckle with Bon Voyage Titanic on it-don't know much about it except that it was supposed to have been cast from an original mold from the real thing sold in Titanic's barbershop. Got a 50's puzzle-rather wild and very blue of her sinking. What else is out there?
Hmmm. THS used to sell a hat ribbon with the name Titanic in the 1980s. Or don't forget the Titanic mugs or 'Remember the Titanic' t-shirts.
I do have a curious piece. I bought it from JC Penney It is a plaque that says, 'White Star Line
First class Wine Bar '. It has a carving of the Titanic. It has two funnels ( the carving has the proper four ) for mixing drinks. Oddly enough one says from Holland Amerika Line. I believe the ship is the Niew Amsterdam.I bought it before the movie was even heard of.
Didn't some liquor company come out with a decanter shaped like the ship maybe 8-10 years ago? It was rather expensive I remember.Ceramic, accurately underglazed with correct colors and probably containing Scotch or some type of whiskey.
Hello Shelley & Mike,
As an aside to this, we "nearly" had a collectable
BTS Convention 2000 programme. The rear of the programme pictured a sketch of the Titanic departing Southampton. We asked the printers to put "have a safe journey" towards the end of the programme - which we thought might be a courteous gesture to our departing delegates. The printer slapped "have a safe journey" right over the stern of the departing ship and couldn't understand why we insisted he remove it and put it elsewhere!
How about businesses that use the name? In Port Adelaide there is a toy shop called "Toytanic".

According to Lloyd's Register there is currently no commercial ship afloat called Titanic but what about private yachts? So far, the nearest I've seen is trimaran called "Tritanic", complete with a drawing of a sinking liner. Poseidon must have been given a massive offering, as it has not been wrecked.
There is a Titanic restaurant (tres chic) in London and the family of Titanic survivor Abraham Hyman run a deli in Manchester, England, also called Titanic. Also a couple of bars in Spain, bound to be loads more out there after the film!
Well- it was bound to happen- we now have a White Star Restaurant down at the local waterfront in Misquamicut Beach near Westerly. (Rhode Island)Nice display case- cutesie menu and all. Isn't there a Capt.n Smith Ale in the UK? Now we need a White Star Motel to house all the historians when they come a'calling!
Hmm-too rich for MY blood. It is probably full of melancholy spirits anyway. T.J. Maxx chain had a motorized blow-up Titanic with iceberg accessory for 6.99 on sale- Legends of the Sea series. The ship is 24 inches long. Inside the box is a faux White Star luggage tag with Titanic "game" directions-the gist of is 2 players stand 12 feet apart and place berg in the middle -hurtle the Titanic at it until one finally hits it-uh, that would be the winner I guess. For ages 7 and up.On the back is a sinking photo with "facts" and the caption" With proper care, your motorized inflatable "Titanic" will last much longer than the original."-no comment.
There's a White Star Line restaurant here in San Francisco, on Bay Street, which purportedly advertises itself as the original location of the White Star Line, from years ago. Some locals were taken in. On a San Francisco history message board, I informed visitors that the White Star Line's office was in a building, still standing, off Union Square. A guy responded by insisting that the WSL's office was at the Bay Street location. Anyway, the food is supposed to be good, and there's lots of interesting photos on the wall, or so I hear.
If you look carefully at the old White Star Line Office here in Liverpool, you can clearly see where the old sign has been painted over. Bruce Ismay's office is not safe to go into now and although some offices are still open, many are in such a state of disrepair that they are unsafe. Fortunately, the offices are a listed building so can not be demolished. A friend of a friend told me once that there were "masses of papers and things" still boxed up which never made the move to Southampton, but that they are, of course, in the unsafe part!
G'Day Geoff, and while it may be listed, it sounds as if a lot of rebuilding and restoration will have to be done or the question of demolition may one day be abruptly rendered moot. Are there any plans in the works to make this happen?

Michael H. Standart
Hello Michael,
The building is in reasonable condition, the problem seems to be with the interior. It has been split into different offices for as long as I can remember and as new properties are built, they move out. I know a lot of the flooring requires attention but I think the problem is mostly cosmetic. Problem is that our City Council will not step in until it is too late. As an example, we have some beautiful Georgian building in the city, some of which has been allowed to fall into disrepair. Only last week, the front of one of these buildings collapsed onto a car, almost squashing the driver.The Council reckons they their hands are tied because they can not find who owns some of the buildings and will not do anything until they become dangerous, then, because it is too costly to repair, they simply tear them down! I think the WSL Offices will always be protected as it forms a part of Liverpool's magnificent frontage to the Mersey.

Saw a Tichnor Brothers print on ebay- the guy could only get the price up to 27.00. It's about 16x24 or so. I have one slightly watermarked in a black frame. He asked how much it was worth- any guesses- ?I figured about 150-175 dollars now the Cameron hype is over. It is just like the postcard with the text below about number lost, etc.
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