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Kathlene Sherlock

Hey everyone, I'm a new person.
I have been reading a book about Violet Jessop, who was a stewardess on the Titanic. I am curious about two things:
I can't find any mention of her on the list of who was in each lifeboat. Is this because she wasn't a passenger, only a crew member? Which boat was she in?
Also, she said she was given a baby that had been left on the ship by its parents, to hold in the lifeboat. Does anyone know who the baby was?
Jul 9, 2000
Easley South Carolina
Andrew, there were no parlor suites on "C" deck. The only two...the so-called Millionaires Suites...were both on B-Deck.

The one on the port side was occupied by J. Bruce Ismay while the one on the starboard side was occupied by the Cardeza party according to the information on this website's deckplans.
Jul 20, 2000

There were 2 parlour-suites on C-deck: C-55/57/59 and C-62/64/66. They are described in Fare Rate booklets as: "Comprising two Bedrooms, Sitting Room, Private Bath and Toilet. Each Bedroom is fitted with a Wardrobe Room."
Jun 12, 2004
To answer the question about the C-Deck 'parlour-suites,' Astor had 62-64 on the port side, and the Strausses had 55-57 on the starboard side, directly behind the purser's office. Whether or not the Astors and Strausses held the third cabin of the suite sequence (66 and 59 respectively) I do not know. The documentation only asserts that the families occupied the first two. However, I am inclined to believe that they held all three. If I am wrong, please let me know. Thanks.

By the way, did you know, Kathlene, that Violet Jessop served as a volunteer nurse on the Britannic and survived that sinking as well? At least, that's what I have read. She certainly lived one interesting life.

Aug 28, 2005
The Baby Violet Jessop Rescued has been Identified!
The baby was discovered to be Third Class Passenger Thelma Thomas's five-month-old son Assad. When she reached the deck, she set the baby on the deck to adjust her lifebelt. When doing so, she was pulled into Lifeboat 14. Assad was still on the deck when a seaman found the baby and passed it into
Lifeboat 16, into Violet Jessop's arms.
On the Carpathia, Violet said that a frantic woman speaking a different Language snatched the baby from her and ran off. I understand that Thelma and Assad were from Lebanon and Thelma probably hadn't learned English yet.
Jul 20, 2000

It is my understanding that my friend Winnie [Edwina Troutt] carried Assad Thomas into boat 16 and was the person who held him during the night. The baby being handed to Winnie by his uncle Charles.
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