Violet Madeline Mellinger

Hi All. Elizabethmellenger was my Grandmother. and madeline My aunt. I was fortunate to meet them both.. I am curious that a Bracelet Is in a museum In Pigeon Forks. TN.. must try to visit some day. all the best. this is being posted on the anniversary of the sinking.april 15th 2011 Richard C Mellenger. Surrey BC .
In the museum it tells of how the bracelet came to be there. Family members ended up giving it to a close friend of the family and he happened to be with collecting items from the Titanic and thats how it came to be there. But, it tells in the museum in Piegon Forge in more details...... I can't remember it all. : )


 I got her boarding pass when I visited the Titanic Attraction in Pigeon Forge. It states that her lucky copper bracelet is on display courtesy of Ed and Karen Kamuda of the Titanic Historical Society. She actually lost this bracelet when she was boarding a lifeboat and later found it in on the floor on the front of the boat. It's pretty banged up and dented. From I remember of the story she gave it to Ed to put on display.
Some inaccuracies in this report, They went to Welland Ont, where Elizabeth had a brother, Reginald, had been working for him for a few yrs prior, and had gone back to England and accompaned my dad A L Mellenger to New York