Virtual Tour onboard the RMS Titanic by CDroms

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Nigel Bryant

Jan 14, 2001
Wellington, New Zealand
As we have just past into the year 2001,I have decided to start a new conversation.Since we are in the computer age, Titanic seems to move with it.As one stares at those dark grey photographs of the Titanic,one wonders what it would be like to be on the real Titanic and move through each room and marvel at her polished decks and grand interiors. Now I guess it has come true. Many Cd-roms have been made for a interactive virtual tour of the Titanic on computers.One can go down the Grand staircase and admire the beautiful carpet in the 1st-class dining saloon on D-deck all walk down the long promenade decks. The Games I have seen is the Cyberspace game "Titanic Adventure Out of Time" and "James Cameron's Titanic explorer". Now I want a opinion, I was wondering what game, out of those two would you chose if you had to buy one for accuracy. What game do you like the best,I want everyone's opinion?

Regards Nigel Bryant
Apr 29, 2000
We were having a similar discussion on another part of the board.

If I had to choose, I suppose I would take Cameron's "Titanic Explorer." It is crammed full of information, most of which is accurate, and some great graphics and activities. It alone is the best single resource a novice Titanic scholar would need.

On the other hand, "Adventure Out of Time" is a great game. I think it appeals most to the person who has studied the ship and the disaster rather than a beginner. I love the game; it really gives me a feel for what it would be like to have had somewhat unlimited access to Titanic. There are a lot of places you can't go (I refer you to the other thread for the reason why.) but it is enough get me into the game.

In short, Nigel, I don't think I would want to be without either one. They compliment each other. But for sheer accuracy and wealth of information, I'd have to go with "Titanic Explorer."

And there are other games, which I'm told are even more accurate.

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