Visiting Edwardian Times

Hi all, I apologize in advance if this is in the wrong forum.
As some of you may remember I'm been working on a time travel story where people go back to the Titanic.
If a woman was dressed in a pants suite that would be considered professionally acceptable today what would the likely reaction be in Edwardian times?
If she didn't have a large chest would she be mistaken for an teen boy or young man?
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Aly Jones

If she was transported back to titanic wearing short shorts, crop top etc... She might be locked away. Women were not allowed to show any sexual intentions. A pant suite the woman will get away with it. Captain Smith own daughter helen wore pant suite at her father's memorial statue cemorony, although she was a Tom boy.
Woman back then had small boobs, so I don't really think time travel woman will be concidered a boy because she has small boobs, besides she could always wear a corset. Edwardian Men never saw boobs in the same way as men do now a sexual object.
First of all it's pantsuit, not suite.Secondly making blanket statements about women's chest sizes is not accurate by any means. Women's chest sizes were just as varied then as now. Some women did wear pants but they were known as Jupe Cullotes, and looked like skirts until they moved around in them, and then you could see the pant.Finally men back then were not much different than today when it came to lusting over womens body parts,they just did it in more toned down less piggish ways.
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Aly Jones

A glance into the Victorian / Edwardian era, this woman lived through Victorian and Edwardian era. Born around the same time as Titanic officers and passengers in 1868. I really love the start of the film, also the last bit.

Filmed in 1977 at the age of 108.