Visiting Queenstown

Doug Criner

Dec 2, 2009
Titanic's last port of call was Queenstown (now Cobh) Ireland. (Cobh is pronounced "cove".) I visited Cobh about 15 years ago - it has some interesting things to visit that are Titanic related. One interesting site, which isn't related to Titanic, that I didn't know about is Spike Island. It is an island out in the harbor which was the site of an infamous prison in which many prisoners died during the Irish Potato Famine. It is written up in the Jan/Feb 2020 edition of Archaeology magazine. Sounds like worth a look. It would also provide a nice wide-angle view of the Cobh waterfront and town.

Cobh is a short train ride from Cork - and trains run frequently. If you are in Ireland, try to visit Cobh.
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Nov 14, 2005
If I make it back there I would like to go to Cobh. That island sound interesting. The last time I was in NYC I went to Ellis Island and took the tour. It was the best part of the trip for me so maybe Spike Island would be good also. I hope you are able to go see it.

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