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  1. tis is probably the stupidiest question you will ever hear, but would the real Murdoch's voice sound anything like Ewan Stewart's.
  2. Well...were the both Scottish? I suppose somebody who knows accents could see where Murdoch was from and where Ewan Stewart is from and but two and two together.

    In other news, whenever I watch ANTR I am confused why the guy playing Thomas Andrews sounds so British. Wouldn't he have has a more Victor Garber in "Titanic" accent?

    I wonder, because I've heard Chilean accents and thought "is that person from South America or Eastern Europe?"
  3. Tad G. Fitch

    Tad G. Fitch Member

    Hi Lucy, how are you? Good I hope. While I think that Victor Garber did a fine job portraying Thomas Andrews in Titanic, his accent is definitely wrong. I have an acquaintance from Belfast, and her accent sounds nothing like the generic Irish accent used in the movie. First Officer Murdoch was Scottish, and I believe Ewan Stewart is as well.
    Kind regards,
  4. I'm lovely, Tad. I hope the same to you.

    Oh, interesting! Well, in respect to ANTR Andrews, is his accent wrong as well. The fellow sounds squarly British to me, but as I say, I could easily be dreadfully wrong.

    In respect to Murdoch/Stewart, I assumed that some might know the sound of Murdoch's area of Scotland and compare it to Stewart's...Or am I delving too deep?
  5. Bob Godfrey

    Bob Godfrey Member

    Lucy, if you have the ANTR dvd then you also have the 'Making of' documentary which is included. On that you'll hear a lot from Bill MacQuitty, the film's producer. Bill was born and brought up in Belfast in a middle class family like that of Thomas Andrews. His voice will give you some idea of the degree to which people from such a background (ie geographical and social class) had any kind of Irish accent.
  6. Ah, but I do not have the DVD, Bob! The VHS for five dollars seemed like the right choice for a girl with not a lot of money and who needed to see the movie now now now!

    But with my Titanic obsession going towards six months (which I am sure sounds paltry, but it feels longer to me somehow), I will not be able to resist that dvd forever.
  7. Ewan Stewart was from Scotland as well
  8. Dave Gittins

    Dave Gittins Member

    In Europe there is enormous variation in accents, sometimes within a kilometre or so. Bernard Shaw was not exaggerating when, in Pygmalion, he has Henry Higgins say, "I can place any man within six miles. I can place him within two miles in London. Sometimes within two streets."

    I've known a Scot who spoke like an English aristocrat and others who had thick accents. In the absence of a recording, it would be very difficult to know how Murdoch spoke, even after a visit to Dalbeattie.
  9. Bob Godfrey

    Bob Godfrey Member

    Upper class people from anywhere in the British Isles do not have regional accents, though Prof Higgins could probably detect enough of a trace to place them! :) The same is true to a great extent with the upper middle class, to which presumably Andrews belonged. I imagine that he would have used more of a local inflection when addressing his workers, but that he would have conversed with First Class passengers in a manner of speech hardly distinguishable from their own. Probably a lot like Michael Goodliffe, who played him in ANTR.

    From my own travels in Scotland I have the impression that regional accents are strongest in the larger cities and, strangely, are sometimes almost non-existent in remote parts of the highlands and islands. Murdoch was an educated man from a small town in the Dumfries & Galloway area of SW Scotland, which is further south than the NE of England. His regional accent would have been detectable, but not strong - just as Ewan Stewart played it.
  10. Thanks a lot, Bob and Dave! Very interesting and enlightening.
  11. Mkirksmith

    Mkirksmith Member

    I live near Comber in Co.Down and have friends who went to RBAI, Andrew's school - called Inst, btw. Titanic is on tv at the moment and Andrew's accent is annoyingly and completely wrong. It is not remotely like a middle class and educated Co.Down accent.