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Philip Hind

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I was right miffed when I got outbid on eBay for an original 16mm print of this TV version of ANTR. Some darned yank scooped me at about 5 in the morning.
It wasn't me, Phil, I swear. I was going after the Titanic Musical Coin Bank at 1:00 am. It went for $75, and you know me. . . nothing over $20. . .well maybe $50 if it's really special.

ANTR is speed-typing for the 1958 Titanic movie "A Night To Remember", which, by the way, is my official vote for the best movie by sticking with the facts of the sinking. The 1997 movie gets my vote for the most visually accurate, but overall, ANTR gets the top prize in my book.

Dan: Not to be (in ANY way) confrontational, but while the facts of the sinking may be adhered-to-ish, shall we discuss the "lady" who broke the bottle on the ship's bow at the beginning. Even Lord says that was Hollywood fabrication. I would be surprised if that was the only invention created for visual effect tossing facts to the side. It is my understanding that White Star was "famous" for it's low-key launchings.

HOWEVER, I do agree that it was a wonderful film. It is surpassed IMHO by Cameron's version only in that Cameron used real passenger profiles for his extras and bit-part players. I love knowing that everyone I'm seeing in each scene is representing someone who was actually there (at least he did this for 1st class passengers, I'm not too sure if he carried this out with the other classes/crew) I was frustrated watching ANTR and not being able to identify passengers that Lord so clearly drew in his written account. Just my cents worth.
ah, yes, the bottle o' booze in the beginning... forgot about that...
Well, I haven't seen a film yet that is 100% dedicated to the facts, the whole facts, and nothing but the facts - not any Titanic film, not Apollo 13, not Hindenburg, not Pearl Harbor, not anything that claims to be 'based on a true story'.
I don't really understand why the film adaptation of Lord's book didn't use more survivor accounts than it did, rather than the fictional characters like the newlywed couple killed by the falling smokestack, the first class family, or 'Sir Richard and her Ladyship' (loosely based on the Duff Gordons). I don't know if it was for legal reasons or what?
The only other part that raises my eyebrow is the Fleet quote "Iceberg dead ahead, sir". This phrase is uttered by the gent who would go on and mis-represent another Titanic survivor, Col. Gracie by portaying him as a rotund Englishman, not a thinner American. (The correct quote was "Iceberg, right ahead!")
Other than that, it stays more true to the accepted story of Titanic than most (don't get me started on that infernal CBS miniseries - bleah!)

Good points, Kate!

Dan C.

Stacie Crowther

THANKS Dan. Of course it is A Night To Remember. i must have been temporally insane to not know this. i too agree that it was a great depiction of the sinking.
Oh m'gawd Joshua, don't get me started on that travesty called Britannic. Kind of figures that Fox did it.

Michael H. Standart
Sorry 'bout that Dan. Seeing it's my fault I'll pitch in on the therapist's bills.

I'm kinda waiting for the Titanic-Survivor crossover series.

>>I'm kinda waiting for the Titanic-Survivor crossover series.<<


Somebody shoot me now! Be quicker that way! Might even come to enjoy the smell of burning gunpowder!!!!!!!!!!!

Michael H. Standart
What is ANTR?

Oh Stacie, you being the T-fan that you are, I felt for sure you would've known that it was A NIGHT TO REMEMBER, good thing Dan beat me to it because I would've scolded you good in E-Mail for that one...Naughty Girl!

It is my understanding that White Star was "famous" for it's low-key launchings

Good evening Kate My dear, to put it in one H&W shipyard workers words: "We just builds 'em and shoves 'em right out!"

oh my gosh. how did that happen??? So sorry to take space!!!!!eeeek.

That's Okay Kate, you thought it was so nice, you decided to post it twice............right?

I'd take the CBS miniseries over that anyday.

Hey Josh............Umm <GuLp!> you would?, Michael, check his pulse, I'll get the paddles ready!

TITANIC-The Mini-Series over Britannic??????

Regards and looking at Josh Funny,
Git that thar gun. Standart's in needin' of an Old Yella' deal.

Really man! Did you even see Britannic?! The miniseries at least had some things going for it!

eyes are crossed, gun is loaded (I think), hound dogs are bellowing.
Now, which way did he go, which way did he go?

Actually, the working title of that Fox 'movie' was 'When Unsinkable Ships Go Bad...2"

The only redeeming feature of that waste of celluloid was the actual footage of Britannic in the first 2 minutes.

The therapist says I am doing better, thank you.
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