W Bull

When he signed on for the Titanic, Walter Bull gave his age as 30, his birthplace as Hampshire and his address as 27, Chandos Street, Southampton. I suspect he was in truth a few years older than he admitted. He had one son (also called Walter), who after his death was granted a weekly allowance from the Titanic Relief Fund, but I've not seen any reference to support for a widow, so perhaps Walter was himself a widower or separated from the boy's mother.

Like many others among the crew, Walter had previously served on the Olympic. He worked as a scullion (basically a dishwasher) in the galley which served the 1st and 2nd Class passengers, and would have earned í‚£3 10s had the voyage been completed. On board he shared a dormitory cabin on E deck with 9 other scullions and 10 men who washed and polished the silverware. We don't know exactly what happened to him during the sinking - only that he died and his body was never recovered (or if so, it wasn't identified).
Thank you very much for that information Bob!! It's much appreciated!!
May I ask were you found the information?

There's nothing much in what I posted above that can't be found already on this website, in the biography section and in online documents like the crew signing-on sheets and the lists of recovered bodies. The accounts and minute books of the relief organisations can be very useful, but you won't find them online and they are not very easy to use as they were not designed to be helpful to researchers a century in the future!

If you want to go further with family details of any passenger or crew member, there are online sources for Census infomation and for civil registrations of births, deaths and marriages, but that kind of research can be very time-consuming and expensive, especially if you need to obtain copies of documents like birth and marriage certificates and you're not sure which are the right ones.

There are books available which provide details of some passengers and crew, like The Irish aboard Titanic by Senan Molony, but nothing (yet) in print which covers everybody on board. There's a challenge for you! In the meantime, I recommend that you buy a copy of Craig Stringer's Titanic People CD-ROM, which is to date the best single source I know of for information about everybody who sailed on Titanic.
Thank you for that CD-ROM title... it's for things like that, that I regret living in Belgium!! It is extremely hard to find even one decent book here, let alone this cd rom! Most of my books I bought at exhibitions, in England or when I was living in Saudi Arabia! Go figure even THEY have more Titanic books than we do!!! Although it was impossible to find the Rubaiyat there (forbidden lecture according to the Islam) but I got my hands on it anyway.

Unfortunally most books I have only include simple passenger and crew lists.
It seems I'm more familiar with the Titanic itself rather than the people on board...
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You can order Craig's CD online and have it delivered by airmail:

You can also download some sample biographies (as pdf files) from the same link. And don't be put off by that drawing of Titanic!

As for books, I buy most of mine from online dealers like Amazon.co.uk, who have several hundred Titanic-related titles and will take orders from any country. A cheap way of getting the content of Molony's book, by the way, is to buy him three pints of Guinness and start him talking. If he slows down, just provide more Guinness. :)
Thanks for that link. Ooh I know the stock of books amazon has... but that's waaaay to dangerous for my visa card!!! I went to that London Exhibit twice and I spent like over $500 worth on books alone, and the one in Paris was about $250... So letting me loose on Amazon is a bad idea!!
Bull, W. Scullion Lost

That is all the information I can find concerning this person. Does anybody have any other information?
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Just found this site. My Grandfather was Charles William Warton (Wright). Walter Bull has my grandfather's address listed as his last known address. My grandfather was supposed to sail on the Titanic, but due to illness the morning the Titanic sailed, (through too much drinking the night before, I believe) never showed up.