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Jason D. Tiller

Dec 3, 2000
Niagara Falls, Ontario
Hello Matthew,


Lets not forget that he was originally assigned to the Titanic as her Chief Officer, only to be demoted due to Captain Smith wanting Wilde on the maiden voyage.

That hasn't been forgotten, as both Sharon and Inger have already mentioned it in their respective posts.​

sharon rutman

Murdoch did take appropriate action, considering he had about 37 seconds to avoid a terrible accident. He ordered "Hard a starboard", had the watertight doors closed, "Full speed astern". It wasn't his fault that the Titanic was so slow in responding because the ship was just too big to be turned away from the berg in time. Murdoch also supervised the loading and lowering of the lifeboats on the starboard side and it wasn't his fault that the passengers were reluctant to trade big, warm Titanic which still seemed so safe and secure to drift around in a tiny lifeboat for hours in the North Atlantic. But why bother with all that when it's easier to trash someone's reputation. I'm so tired of Titanic's officers being treated like boobs. All of them did the best they could under very trying circumstances.

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