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Wenda Mintrum

Hallo there
I was delighted when I found the entry for W. Mintram on the Titanic site, quite by accident! I have been researching my husband's ancestor's since the beginning of the year and following various leads. I am now looking for any further information anyone could give me about him. I have details of a WALTER Mintram,(son of Charles & Mary) who was a Ships stoker on the 1891 census, and about the right age. However the ET biography names the crewman WILLIAM! A very helpful lady at Southampton City Archives says there could be details in the minutes of the Titanic Refief Fund. Does anyone have access to this, or any other source that could give details of the parentage of 'W',or possibly his wife's name (see biography!) (Walter's wife was Matilda Abraham) Perhaps there is a descendant of the son in law (Walter Hurst) 'listening' who might be able to help?

Wenda (Mintrum)

Phillip Gowan

Apr 10, 2001
Hi Wenda,
Wally Hurst has a 93 year old son still living but I think your better option is contacting a different Mintram descendant in the United States who has been doing research on the family. Contact me privately and I'll give you his e-mail.


Wenda Mintrum

Hallo again

I have been in touch with both Walter Hurst's son and the US descendant and am getting 'nearer'. I now have William's wife's name and the parish that his daughter was born in. I have also seen the Relif Fund reports on a recent brief visit to Southampton. But I would still like to contact Peter Andrews who is mentioned at the end of the article about William Mintram. If anyone out there knows how I can contact him, (or if by some chance he is 'listening'!) could they contact me directly at


Wenda Mintrum