Waldorf and Nancy Astor

Leah Stoler

I've read several threads that touch on the also famous family members of JJ and Madeline Astor, but being from Nancy's hometown of Charlottesville Virginia-I want to know more. Does anyone have any further information about the relationship between Waldorf and Nancy-and Madeline and JJ? Were they close? How EXACTLY were they related?

Also-Does anyone happen to have a photograph of Nancy Astor's (previously Nancy Langhorne) childhood home? (Mirador)Apparently I live only a few miles away from it, but no one I know has yet been able to point it out to me.

Mark Baber

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There's an Astor family tree here. If it's correct (which, at least in this regard it seems to be) JJA and Waldorf Astor were first cousins once removed.
Waldorf and especially Nancy knew everyone who was anyone in the UK in the first half of the twentieth century, and so they will turn up in the bios of a lot of people.

For instance, I read the Letters of Winston (a book edited by their daughter, Mary Soames) and Clementine Churchill this summer and I'm pretty sure Nancy came up quite a bit.

I would think you know this, but I'll try it on anyhow. Did you know that Brian Aherne, the actor, played the part of Capt. Smith in the 1953 film TITANIC? Regards, Henry
Hi Henry,
Sorry - I didn't get a chance to log on all weekend. And yes, I did know that.
But thanks for telling me all the same. I always get a kick out of fun stuff like that.