Walter Fredericks

May 16, 2008
Hi all. After doing some extensive family researching together with prising recollections from the memory banks of the older generation I have put together a six page word document covering the life and times of Walter Fredericks with a particular focus on the events of April 1912. I also have a partially complete list of the vessels he sailed on up until 1940.

I believe the information would be a bit much for one forum post, but I'm afraid I don't know how to file share online.

Anyone interested in what happened to Walter before, during and after he sailed on Titanic can contact me (his great-grandson) with their email address and I will happily email the files to you all.

Perhaps one or two of you may deem it fit to publish online for all to share, but I don't feel it my place to force the information on you all. As I say, those who wish to see it are very welcome.

Many thanks,

David Fredericks,
Southampton, England

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