Jason D. Tiller

Hi John,

This is a terrific idea! I believe Walter Lord deserves a commemorative stamp in his honour and hopefully it will be seriously considered by the committee.

Perhaps the painting on the most recent edition of "A Night to Remember" could be used, along with a photo of Walter in the foreground.
A new stamp in the literary series just came out with Katherine Porter on it-#21 in the series of great authors and poets. I was told when I wrote years ago for the Ice Patrol stamp that this can take 3 years to get put into motion so it is not too early. Writing letters of support also does a lot of good too! I would also underline the enormous body of Lord's work, much of which covers American historical topics, and not Titanic and A Night to Remember only.
One person wrote back to me: he met Walter Lord several years ago, at a THS Conversation. Unfortunately, Walter Lord and he were not able to have a good conversation (Walter was a popular guest at THS venues).

My friend noted that the Literary Arts stamp issues have featured writers of fiction. However, it can be noted that Katherine Anne Porter did pen a memoir about the Sacco-Vanzetti trial of 1921 ("The Never Ending Wrong", her final work).

Anyway, I will be sure and emphasize Walter's various books dealing with items of American History.
For "A Night to Remember", I will note how Walter Lord made sure the story was none to future generations, and how he noted the various changes made afterwards, some drawn on the report of the United States Senate Committee chaired by Senator Smith. I will also note how many Americans were on the ship, the casualty figures among Americans, including the fact that three of the casualties were employees of the Postal Service, assigned to deliver the mail to the Postal authorities when the ship reached New York. That last item I will work on being worded tactfully.

I will work on things this weekend (tomorrow is my day off); hopefully by the middle of next week I'll be ready to send off my proposal.
John, you may also wish to enlist the aid of the Princeton and Yale Alumni societies, both of which are very influential and boast an impressive roster of well-known and celebrated alumni. A letter to these groups detailing the plan to honor one of their own would generate a flood of support I am sure. Sharon, I hope you kept a copy of the excellent presentation on Walter's life which you gave in Baltimore at the TIS convention honoring Walter on his 76th birthday. His clubs and societies would also be pleased to send letters of support I am sure, the New York Historical Society at 77th and Central Park West being one which springs to mind immediately. If you can write up a short proposal of intent about the stamp, I know TIS can get it on the website immediately and the next issue of Voyage. The current issue just mailed out so we just missed the summer edition.
Sounds great Shelley. I will work on it this weekend and next, and email you the information.

I will also send an inquiry to the New York Historical Society.

Another letter was sent to the South Street Seaport museum. I'll see what information is sent to me.

I will also check my Commutators, see what was noted for Walter Lord, especially the THS tributes.

sharon rutman

It just occurred to me -- why stop at a stamp. I'm going to write to New York's Mayor Michael Bloomberg to see if Walter's block at East 68th Street off Park Avenue can also be renamed for him. Isn't that a great idea?

I'm going to write to New York's Mayor Michael Bloomberg to see if Walter's block at East 68th Street off Park Avenue can also be renamed for him. Isn't that a great idea?

That sounds good, Sharon. I hope the City of New York likes the idea.

BTW, are their any tributes to Walter Lord in the City of Baltimore?​
This weekend letters will be sent to the Alumni Associations of Gilman School (Baltimore), Princeton University, and Yale Law School.

Secondary proposal letters will be sent to TIS & THS this weekend, as well.

sharon rutman

Why not rename the street for Walter. I saw a postage stamp sized snippet in today's NY Post saying that 103rd street (I forgot if it was East or West) was renamed for Humphrey Bogart. So why not do likewise for Walter!
Formal letters were sent to THS & TIS. Also included were letters to Baltimore's Gilman School (primary school), as well as to the Alumni Associations of Princeton University and Yale Law School.

I have also noted, c/o the JFK Library, various other societies for which Walter Lord was either a trustee or officer; will have to obtain their addresses and send letters to them, as well.

I have started a biographical sheet for the Stamp Commitee; will include that with my proposal letter, and copies of tributes, to Walter Lord and his works.

sharon rutman

Well, I just got back a short postcard back from the Post Office acknowledging my letter about the Walter lord Commemorative stamp but it's also time to take a reality check. The Post Office is deluged with millions of stamp ideas every day, so the competition for attention is fierce. Basically, the post office told me that this idea is a firm possibility of a definite maybe. No matter how worthy honoring Walter with his own stamp is, I'm not holding my breath that it will become a reality either. Let's just hope for the best.
I need to put my proposal package in order, this weekend; will include many tribute statements and his biography.

I, too, realize that millions of proposals are submitted to the Postal Service (one retailer in Hawaii has been trying for several years to get Hawaiian shirts recognized as stampworthy).
That is why I have suggested people submit their own proposals.

I, too, will believe it when I see a Walter Lord postage stamp in 2012 or later.