Walter Lord

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Jason D. Tiller

Hi Beverly,

Thanks for posting those links. I agree with Randy, the Washington Post tribute was very moving.

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It is good to see many tributes and articles on Walter's work now on the web. Today I found on the web, a site called Find a Grave which offers virtual memorials to Walter. Just type in his name under the famous people option and leave a message. Although he died on May 19th- a Sunday afternoon last year, many tributes are being posted today. I still have room for more contributions on my permanent site and would be happy to put up any ET contributions. I understand the Greenwich exhibit at the Maritime Museum of Walter's collection may be opening- any news on this?

Virginia Dearing

Amen! Because of Walter Lord, I have had a life long interest of all aspects of The Titanic. Virginia
To the best on my recollection the Walter Lord archives and Collection were left to the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, England.
I have a question. Did Walter Lord suffer from Parkinson's disease in his last years? In a TV documentary he seemed to be unable to totally control his movements.

Paul Lee

Hi Steven,
Yes, that is quite true; I've been through a portion of them twice, and believe me they are not as interesting as you would believe!

Dave: yes, I heard that, but can't corroborate it.
Hi David and Paul-
Despite his Parkinsons. which sadly was apparent in the early 90s, Walter still came to conventions. He had the audience (which included many school children) spellbound at the NY Titanic International convention- 1995 I think. To me, he was unsinkable.

Paul Lee

Rather sadly, his signature on his correspondence shows a huge decline between the mid 1950s and the 1990s due to the onset of Parkinson's.
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