Walter Lord

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dj gulbranson

Hello--Does anyone have any info on Walter Lord before he became an author? I read that he changed professions to become a historian. Thank you so much, dj

Gavin Murphy


I seem to recall reading he was a admirable profession, non?


Pat Cook

Here's the brief bio of Lord on the dust jacket of the 56' British edition of "A Night To Remember"

"Walter Lord is a graduate of Princeton University and Yale Law school. He was in England during the war working for the American Intelligence Service. Since then he has held various top-level editorial positions in the United States, and is now an executive with the J. Walter Thompson Company."

Again that was in 1956.

Hope this is of some help.

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Jason Bidwell

According to the author bio on another of his books, "The Past That Would Not Die," Lord was born in Baltimore, where he "received his early schooling," then "in 1939 he was graduated from Princeton University. During World War II he was with the Office of Strategic Services, and he worked in London in 1944 and 1945. He took his law degree at Yale, then did editorial and advertizing work in New York City, where he still lives" as of 1965. As an aside the OSS was the forerunner of the modern CIA, and his senior thesis for Princeton in 1939 was "The Rise and Fall of the Collins Line," according to Alexander Crosby Brown's book "Women and Children Last."
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