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Seems like this man deserves his own thread. Walter Lord was the real beginning of Titanic mania for me-when I read A Night to Remember back in 1976. He has often good-naturedly shrugged and observed it would seem that this book would be The Book to Be Remembered By! His entire literary output is astonishing and covers a VAST spectrum of history. Most of his other titles are unknown to many. Walter wrote for newspapers, articles for major magazines, and is an expert on World War II events as well as many other eras. Many of his books are in print currently- ALL are available on Booksearch out-of-print or used bookfinding service. Here are some titles. Mr. Lord lives in New York, near Central Park and is enjoying retirement. Unfortunately he suffers ill-health which confines him to a wheelchair-the mind is as sharp as ever.
Peary to the Pole
Incredible Victory (Midway)
The Good Years (1900-1914)
The Past That Wouldn't Die (racism in Mississippi)
Lonely Vigil
Pearl Harbor
Day of Infamy
A Time to Stand (Alamo)
March to Victory
Miracle at Dunkirk
Dawn's Early Light (1814, Baltimore)
These are the ones I can remember-there are more.
Mr. Lord is a gentle, amusing, thoughtful man-patient and courteous and very humble about his ENORMOUS achievements.
What a great thread concept. Mr. Lord certainly deserves his own, after all, if it weren't for him, probably 90% of all ET members would be Cameron groupies. Tell me, do you know how I can get a hold of Mr. Lord? Like an address or something? You can email me privatly if you wish. I would love to write him.
Do you guys think that the wreck would even have been discovered without Walter Lord? Ballard was a big fan of ANTR and I believe that that is what inspired him to search. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Walter's books are great. Apart from ANTR, I have read The Good Years (everyone should read it to get a good handle on the period)and Day of Infamy.

I corresponded with him from 1990-93 and cherish his letters. He is an enormously kind person. He took a real interest in my research and had suggestions, some quite amusing.

He lent me material and provided addresses for contacts and sources that proved great help. He also gave me scoops on some of the incredible letters in his own possession. That he would correspond with an unknown writer shows he cares a lot about people. I understand he used to do this regularly before his illness.

I have heard that his health is still no better and that what correspondence he carries on now is through a personal assistant who looks after him with devotion. Of course these things are often said by friends who are protective but I tend to think it is probably true that he is not up to personally corresponding anymore. If he were in good shape I feel he would have been interviewed by the media in the years since the movie but to my knowledge he has not been, at least not to any marked degree.

Shell knows him better and would know more about his health. I think he suffers from Parkinson's.

Yes- it is Parkinson's and advancements in this malady came rather too late in his progression. I have not called or written for some time, and his faithful nurse/companion I understand manages his outside contacts and correspondences. I do not believe he travels often anymore- but 6 years or so ago, he was attending the many conventions- the birthday photo in Baltimore was for his 76th and I believe was in 1992-he has been wheelchair -bound for some years now- since 1988. He collects antique valentines- I will see if he still likes to receive mail.
The globe in the Walter Lord birthday photo was a gift, it had special markers on every place and locale he had written about during his career. The sheet cake had a huge White Star burgee-a highlight of my life was watching A Night to Remember with Bill MacQuitty and Walter Lord- I had to keep pinching myself...

If you see Mr. Lord please pass on my heartfelt thanks for his wonderful books.

I still read ANTR regularly (even the title gives me goose bumps!).

The man is a total legend and I can't thank him enough for introducing me to this wonderful passion.


Geoff -

Where's that humor column we were suggesting for you? I want to start collecting all these little ditties!


"I 'ave me doubts 'e ever 'ad an 'airbrush!"

- Randy

Has Mr Lord ever described to you what it was like to travel on the Olympic?

BTW I've never read his book "Pearl Harbor" but I'm sure the makers of the new movie could have done with basing the screenplay on it instead of their own ideas.


Today this photo arrived in the mail... It is used here with permission. Walter and his mother on board Olympic. I plan to use it also on his site:

Pat Cook

It seems to happen more and more rarely these days - guess I'm getting to be more of a curmudgeon in my old age - but this is one photo that took my breath away.

Thank you for posting it, m'dear.

Your adoring fan,
Darling Cookie, yes I had no idea until seeing it on the recent visit that he had even been on Olympic. I compare the photo above with the portrait of him as a child-which seems to be around the same time judging by appearances.
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