Wanted Documentaries on Andrea Doria and Yarmouth Castle


Matt Robinson

I watched and recorded two documentaries on either The History Channel or The Discovery Channel about lost ships. The two which I recorded concerned The Andrea Doria and The Yarmouth Castle. Sadly, the tape was misplaced and I have been unable to locate it.

As I am a huge fan of such incidences, and please forgive me if I sound morbid, I was wondering if anyone on this board happened to have these two documentaries in their collection? I cannot for the life of me remember what the show was called, but I remember the title sequence. Several items of clothing and other pieces of debris slowly sink to the bottom of the ocean, and a single hand reaches up to the surface. I hope this helps.

I would be most grateful to anyone if they have these episodes in their collections, and are willing to sell/trade them to me. I would offer a good price.

Thank you.

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