Wanted Echoes In The Night

I am interesting in acquiring a copy or copies of my Grandfathers book Echoes In The Night Memories of a Survivor by Frank Goldsmith the original not the reprints in either soft or hard cover if anyone could help please let me know. My copy was lent to a cousin for research and has been lost by the cousin. Thanks Tom Goldsmith
I am still looking for a copy or copies of my Grandfathers book Echoes in The Night Memories of a Survivor by Frank John William Goldsmith. Anyone with information on one for sale please let me know. Thank You. Tom Goldsmith
Tom, there's a copy currently up for sale in the marketplace section at Amazon.com. The bad news is that the seller is asking $300! I think you'll pass on that one, as I did. But it might be the only chance you'll get, unless you have a lucky find in a 2nd hand book store.
Thanks Bob, Yes that is a bit much for my wallet anyways. I had a copy and lent it to my cousin who has since lost it. He had a copy of his own but he sent it to someone for some reason and needed mine to do some research he said. So now I am stuck with trying to find another copy.
Yeah, I've been there myself, Tom. Having lost far too many books over the years, my policy now is that anyone is welcome to browse on the spot but no paperwork leaves the premises!
Sorry for reviving such an old thread but I too would like to acquire a copy - even a used one - of Frank Goldsmith's book. I have been checking on Amazon, eBay and Abe books for the past few years, all to no avail.

Has anyone got the book? I know that Frank Goldsmith was only 9 at the time and was no writer even when he later wrote the book but I would like it for nostalgic reasons.