Wanted Maiden Voyage paperback

Jan 7, 2002
One book I have been seeking for years is the first Titanic book I read when I was a young whippersnapper, and that was the paperback version of "The Maiden Voyage".

Im looking for the paperback that had a very dramatic picture on the cover- a cover that depicted Titanic's stern in the air, and her hull 3 quarters submerged, where you could see her hull beneath the water as well as the stern above.

If anyone has a copy to spare, let me know..
I have books to trade, or Ill buy it,

Tarn Stephanos

Hilary Popple

May 28, 2003
Bournemouth, United Kingdom
I have an old copy of this book but I'm not sure if the picture is exactly as you describe as you can't really see the hull beneath the water.
The book is by Geoffrey Marcus, this edition published 1976. Would this be it? My copy is quite tatty.
Jul 20, 2001
I also have a copy I picked up at a second hand book shop the other day. The only reason I bought it was because I didn't won't to carry my hardcover copy on the train to read on the way to work. Mines not in too bad a shape and is a third printing from 1978.

Let me know if you are interested

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