WANTED: Titanic (Movie) Costumes & Accessories


Hello everyone!

I'm planing to travel with some friends to London in April 2015 for the Titanic Live Event @ the Royal Albert Hall.

We want to dress up as Titanic (movie)characters and I was wondering if anyone here could help me to find the best shops
or if anyone here is selling something I could need.

myself: Jack - Day outfit (Sunday morning - his death)
friend #1 (female): Rose - Swim Dress (+ maybe the pink coat)
friend #2 (female): maybe Rose - Boarding Dress
friend #3 (female): maybe Molly Brown
friend #4 (female): unsure
friend #5 (male) : maybe captain EJ Smith

Still needed:

- suspender for Jack
- handcuff for Jack
- shoes for Jack
- pink coat for Rose
- shoes for Rose

Anyone knows if it's still possible to get any of these items?
A Look Back at J. Peterman

Many thanks in advance!

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Here you go.