Was Alfred Nourney, a German citizen, a Nazi during WWII?

Jan 11, 2014
I've researched on his life during World War II, and he MUST have been a Nazi but to no avail. I didn't find anything.

By Nazi, I'm not inherently claiming or accusing him of war crimes, but simply as belonging to the Nazi Party.

Adam Went

Apr 28, 2003
Hi Alfred,

I can't answer definitely but only to say that many Germans were members of the NSDAP during the 1920's - 1940's even if they didn't support their ideas, simply because to oppose them was to become essentially an outcast of society and later on, punishable by internment in a labour camp or similar.

I'm surprised though that there is no mention of his activities during World War II, especially in 1945 when virtually everybody who could hold a gun under the age of 60 was called to the defence of the Reich - and Alfred would have fitted into this category, being born in 1892.


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