Was Aquila Webb Rev John Harper's Last Convert?

Donald Kennedy

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Does anyone know the name of the man who was quoted as being John Harper's last convert, in the book,"The Titanic's Last Hero" by Moody Adams (The Olive Press, 1997)? One article states that at a Titanic survivors meeting in Ontario, Canada four years later, this man (a survivor) gave his testimony recounting how John Harper had led him to the Lord. The man's name was not mentioned.
The testimonies in the book were compiled in 1912 by John Climie of Scotland.

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Who was Aquila Webb?

Can anyone lend some insight to the person of Aquilla Webb, who claimed to be the last convert of Rev John Harper on the Titanic as it was sinking. It has been reported that Webb was converted while floating on debris from the stricken ship when John Harper neared him and asked him if he was saved. Webb replied, no. Harper floated away, but the waves brought him back to Webb who was converted at Harpers second enquiry.
There were two crewmen on board who had the surname Webb. Neither was called Aquila and neither survived. There were no passengers with that name.