Was EJ alive in 1936


Steven Davis

Can anyone shed any light on this inscription? Is it possible that it could have been signed by Captain Smith(EJ) in 1936? This inscription is in the front of my copy of "Titanic and Other Ships".
Not a chance. At least not the Captain E.J. Smith of the Titanic. He went down with his ship.
Keep in mind that he wasn't the only Edward John Smith.

Adam McGuirk
Mystic Seaport has several of E.J.'s letters in his own hand- this writing is not remotely similar to it. The text of these letters is at http://www.revdma2.com/letters.html
Mrs. Smith called him "Ted"- by the way. They referred to their daughter as "Melville".
Thanks for the information. I'll restrain from posting such far fetched proposals in the future. I'm hoping to find out something about Captain Angier, but not sure where to start looking. Any ideas?
Steven- we like far-fetched notions here! Actually the "Legend of Whispering Smith" is not a new one- there were tales of Smith being saved but going incognito due to the shame of it all, which persisted for YEARS. Sort of like Elvis Presley sightings- hmmm.. we've been here recently! :)
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Today, I received a package in the post that revived the speculation about Captain Smith possibly surviving the disaster. The package, addressed to me, was from a certain E.J. Smith in Missouri. I don't know how E.J. came to be in Missouri, or why he would be the one sending me a WW2 paratrooper's Griswald bag (used to carry a field-stripped M1 Garand rifle) that I recently won on eBay, but one can't argue facts.

Parks said: "but one can't argue facts." Nope! Not facts. Just fiction - whenever it's stranger than truth!
That looks like 06 not 36, but then again maybe my eyes are not as good as they where.
Erik, if your eyes are goingbad, mine are too as I just noticed exactly the same thing. Strange that I didn't notice it two years ago, but I may have been pretty wiped out too. Still, if the handwriting doesn't match...per Shelley's information...then it would still be a different E. Smith that penned the note, not "our" E.J. Smith.
Has anyone any research on why E.J left such a small estate of £3000+ ?
I have read this but not checked it.
If so it is remarkable. He was the highest paid captain at the time yet this is only the same as the Chief Steward left and half the estate of Chief Wilde who was paid so much less.
I am very interested in survival claims of the Titanic crew, of those presumed lost,...has any been claimed apart from the above ?
Ruth has found it remarkable that Captain Smith left "such a small estate of £3000+". Before either of us can double-check the Will, what would be remarkable is that any other man among his Officers or crew (unless 'better born') could - in 1912 - have left behind for the benefit of wife and daughter and of Russian wolf-hound anything like the veritable fortune that he did: approximately '£171,950+' - in today's currency.
Hallo Ruth -

Wilde's estate was valued £6783.3.9, but of course he had married the rather comfortably off Mary Catherine Jones, who predeceased him. I haven't checked it against the probates, but according a solicitor's summation in the family papers, the youthful Moody left £458.17.3. That included his £100 insurance policy.

There were Pitman and Lightoller imposters I can think of off hand, and of course the would-be Andrews and Lorraine Allison. In the immediate aftermath and right up to comparatively recently there have been supposed surviving crew whose names do not appear on either the crew agreements or the list of survivors on the Carpathia.

Parks, which Smith do you think sent you the package? Was it Captain Peter Pryal's beardless E.J. of St. Paul's Street, Baltimore? Or the Smith at Grand Central Railway station, who ducked the person who confronted him because he was off to buy a ticket South? Or "Whispering Smith" the tramp? Or the "Silent Smith" who died in Lima, Ohio, as reported 1940. I like the idea of a Smith with the Rock of Ages tatooed on his chest...