Was Harper's last conversion Steward Jack Stewart

Hey everyone,

I have recently discovered the truly amazing story of Reverend John Harper and his self-sacrifice. As is known, one of the six survivors plucked from the water by 4 and 14 later told of how Harper converted him as he lay on a piece of wreckage. An article of this survivor identifies him as a Scotsman, and since Jack Stewart was Scottish and cited by some as being pulled from the water, does anyone believe that Stewart was the famed "final convertee"? It's fairly likely, and would confirm that Stewart was rescued that way instead of boarding boat 15. Also keep in mind that Harper shows up nowhere in Frank Prentice's accounts, Fang Lang was Chinese, Emilio Portaluppi was Italian, and Thomas Dillon, Samuel Hemming, and Harold Phillimore weren't Scottish (as far as I know). Although Andrew Cunningham was Scottish, Harper isn't mentioned in his testimony either.